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Block Wall Increases Privacy


Upgrading to or installing a block wall property line fence will provide you with the maximum amount of privacy. Most homes in Texas are in neighborhoods where wooden fences are placed along the property line. Everyone has seen these fences and know that they deteriorate with time. Unless treated or stained with a colored protective agent your wooden fence will be a dingy grey for most of its life.

These wooden fences are subject to termites, wind, rain, rotting, and fire. Rarely do they last beyond ten years. Most wooden fences develop an unsightly appearance after five or six years. A block wall fence can last several decades and receive an attractive color of paint very well. For those of you who have experienced both a wooden fence and a block wall know what we are discussing here!

A block wall provides you with a longer lasting, and more durable privacy fence. They also add equity to your property that a wooden fence does not. The cost of a block wall costs about 30% more than a wooden fence, however, they will easily last 4 to 5 times as long. In the long run a block wall privacy fence will look better for a longer period of time. It will last longer than any wooden fence, and requires almost no maintenance. You may want to paint or repaint occasionally as weather conditions and personal preference dictates.

The durability of block wall privacy fencing lies not only in the strength of each concrete block, but in the concrete footer and the steel rebar. Wooden fencing obviously offersblock wall fencing can be decorative no long term durability. Wooden fencing is the least expensive privacy remedy. They are available everywhere because of that fact. They are also fairly easy to install for a professional fence contractor. Contact Us Today for a free quote and analysis of your block wall fencing needs.

There are other types of property fencing available as well. Chain Link is very common for rural property. It is usually three to four feet high and used primarily to keep pets and children safely contained. It also functions to keep out most unwanted animals. They offer very little privacy however, as they are low and you can see through them. Aluminum, steel, vinyl, wrought iron, and bamboo fences are also available throughout America. Each has pluses and minuses to consider. Maintenance, cost, and flexibility are the drivers for all fencing. There is a lot to choose from so do your homework and decide which bests suites your needs.