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Concrete Driveways Last


Concrete driveways are very durable and with proper installation and maintenance will last a very long time. During the installation process concrete driveways can be shaped to meet any configuration desired by the use of forms. The shape or configuration of your driveway will be determined by you and your concrete services provider prior to the actual pouring of the concrete. Concrete driveways can be any shape you desire. Your concrete services provider will work with you to provide the exact configuration and position of the driveway that you desire.

A driveway foundation is prepared and configured first. As we mentioned forms are used to determine the shape. The exact depth of concrete driveways may differ based upon projected usage and weight of vehicles. A typical concrete driveways depth would be between 4″ & 6″. This is important and must be discussed with your driveway installation contractor. Vehicles heavier than a typical 1/2 ton pick up truck must be planned for and designed to handle above normal traffic weights.

The history of driveways has changed over time as transportation has advanced. Prior to the 1850’s most residences had nothing more than a dirt path leading to the front door. After thecircular-concrete-driveways 1850’s many upscale homes began to dress up the entryways to their property. Very creative and wealthy folks added stoned borders to the wider and more elegant entryways. Cobblestones, shells, bricks, and even raised curbing was beginning to appear. Then the winding and semi-circular driveway was developed and became an important part of the properties landscaping.

With the motorized vehicles debut the driveway began to take on a life of its own. These new vehicles required a sturdy and smoother surface for comfort and stability. The motor vehicles weight also required a driveway of something stronger and more durable. Concrete and all the flexibility that it possesses was the perfect solution. An entire industry was created as a support system for the transportation and landscaping industries.

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